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Patrul Rinpoche's Teaching Schedule

Patrul Rinpoche's Schedule


Rinpoche's activity, which springs from the indissoluble union of wisdom and altruism, is expressed through teaching the Buddhadharma, giving aid and publishing the treasury of wisdom.

TEACHING has three levels:
- How to become a Buddhist and follow the basic principals and practices,
- A six-year university programme of listening and reflection,
- When listening and reflection have been perfected, introduction to the natural state and the perfection of meditation to make it manifest.

AID has six branches:
- Educational, medical and socio-economic programmes to combat illiteracy, ill-health and poor living conditions within communities at risk,
- Dharma advice for chronic sufferers of mental and physical illness,
- Activities to diminish the occurrence of disturbing emotions,
- Altruism to conquer the suffering caused to self and others as a result of suicide,
- Mediation to combat conflict within families and groups of friends and associates,
- Development of loving kindness.

The translation and dissemination of important texts, especially those of the Longchen Nyingthik and of Patrul Rinpoche.


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